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Employers know that high-quality employees are extremely difficult to find. A shortage of TOP TIER employees exists in good as well as bad economic times. It is expensive and time consuming to attract, hire, and retain quality people. Money and time are spent running ads, as well as sifting through resumes and interviewing candidates, many of whom are not qualified. To many employers, “time” is the most expensive element in the hiring process; because you can never get it back once it is gone. Meanwhile, the work keeps piling up, and when a decision is finally made, many times the wrong person is hired.

NorthPoint Search Group is ready and able to help your organization. We specialize in placing top-tier executives and managers in specialty industries. From CFO or other C-Suite Leadership to middle and lower management,we screen our candidates for skill sets and work experience directly correlated to the positions our client seeks to fill. We pride ourselves on providing our employer clients with “A Player” candidates who have the skill to provide immediate positive impacts on their business operations.

Our clients find that when they utilize our services, they actually save time and money and free themselves up for more important things,like growing their business and managing their departments.

We offer the following permanent placement hiring services for employers:

  • Container Searches (Contingency with retainer)
  • Contingency Searches

Container Searches:

No matter what level of management you require, NorthPoint Search Group has developed an extensive network of candidates that are selectively looking for exceptional opportunities. We can identify the person you need in a timely manner, whether your need is at the C-Suite executive or middle manager. By providing a standard search retainer at the start of our engagement, you can best insure that your search will be given top priority assignment of our resources to reduce the candidate search interval and speed up the process. No further investment will be required unless and until you make a hiring decision with one of the candidates we present. Such candidates will be pre-screened and qualified based on your job description, company culture, and other requirements identified by you upon initiation of the search.

Contingency Searches:

Our contingency search services are similar to container searches, only we cannot assign resources as quickly to insure faster, prioritized results. Contingency searches are more appropriate for lower level management as opposed to C-Suite and middle management.

Let NorthPoint Search Group provide a hiring solution for you! No matter what you needs, you will enjoy the quality, value and savings of NorthPoint Search Group . We are industry specialists and we have a proven track record of success. Call and put us to work today! We can customize a hiring solution to meet your needs.

NorthPoint Search Group’s Executive support division, offers diverse specialty areas, and focuses on the direct and temporary placement of administrative professionals.


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